Conference Topics 2016 | 11th International Label Conference

Just Better | How to get JUST BETTER?

The Challenges of the Future

The topic of the 11th International Label Conference

Consumer Packaged Goods, in brief CPG, constitute a market that is growing steadily but is also subject to rapid changes, as it is shaped by market saturation, strong competition, environmental and health awareness, brand diversity, short product life cycles and strict regulations.

The CPG market is a fiercely competitive and fast moving sector with a low profit margin depending on efficient procedures regarding profitability and competitive differentiation. This sector constantly faces new challenges. Keywords are: brand change, market segmentation, niche products, sustainable packaging, customer-friendly product delivery, and globalisation. Depending on the kind of manufactured products and the regions where they are produced and sold, each sector faces its own specific challenges, which range from different global economic conditions and fluctuating supply and demand to growing competitive and cost structures.

The food and semi-luxury product industry covers food production and sale. It encompasses a range of activities, which include agriculture, packaging, sales, marketing and retail. Entrepreneurial challenges include the handling of manufacturing waste, product tracking systems, and dealing with raw materials. Of course, legal requirements, directives and guidelines must be adhered to as well.

We try to get better and improve every day. However, the accelerating change of paradigm has set a new tone and has introduced new rules to the “game” in the markets.


Just Better

How does the world and, as a result, the world of Consumer Packaged Goods change? And what should we all do to create a better immediate and distant future of Consumer Packaged Goods together? These are the questions that will be dealt with at the 11th International Label Conference from 16 – 18 March 2016 in Zell am See | Austria.


The topic “Just Better” will rest on four (4) core pillars:

Added to these four (4) pillars will be two (2) interdisciplinary lecture series under the motto “GLIMPSE”.

  • Internationally operating research facilities and consulting services provide background knowledge and facts