Dr. Metin ÇİFTÇİOĞLU | Dizayn


Dr. Metin ÇİFTÇİOĞLU | CEO | Dizayn Matbaacılık San. ve Tic. A.Ş. & DizaynPak Baskı ve Ambalaj Teknolojilleri A.Ş.





Dr. Metin Çiftçioğlu was born in 1975. When as an Economics student he set up the first agency, back in 1994, he was well aware of the potential of the booming local printing industry. He has been committing himself to this endeavor and running his company untiringly ever since, even while pursuing his doctoral studies in Economics at Marmara University.

Dizayn Matbaacılık San. ve Tic. A.Ş. – an IML Professional

Dizayn Matbaacılık was founded as a dealer agency for printing products in 1994. Following the 2001 economic crisis in Turkey Mr. Çiftçioğlu decided to buy his first printing machine, a 1-color offset Heidelberg line.

When in 2004 he bought the first 4-color printing line the real adventure began, with Dizayn entering the market as a full-fledged printing house.  It took only a few years to win the trust of Turkish and international leading companies of the FMCG market, finance and telecommunication sectors. Now, Dizayn has expanded to new markets: Europe, Middle East, even South-East Asia.

As a result of Mr. Çiftçioğlu’s dedication and vision, Dizayn is today one of the leading printing and packaging manufacturers on the Turkish market.

Dizayn specialized at first in the production of high quality printed carton packaging. It later decided to widen its offer to meet the rising requests of the food and non-food sectors.

Now 5 different product lines are developed: besides conventional and promotional printing, IML labels, OPP flow-packing solutions and thermoformed toppers for dairy products were added.

When it comes to IML printing, Dizayn can count on the most advanced printing technology, 3 offset printing lines and a preeminent market share in Turkey, where it caters for around 50% of the IML-labelled packaging for dairy products.

In January 2013 Dizayn opened a second plant: a 9,000 m² production area devoted to flexible multilayer packaging, to answer to the increasing global demand for new quality and cost-effective packaging solutions. The investment in machinery and facilities totaled around 25 million dollars. Now the world-renowned extrusion coating line and 2 high definition 11-color and 8-color printing lines ensure the highest quality and efficiency in production to local and export customers alike.

It is the biggest investment in multilayer and converting facilities to date throughout the Eastern European, Middle Eastern and North African areas.

Today in 2016 a team of more than 240 skilled professionals work in two plants to comply fully with the most demanding international quality standards. And still, Dizayn’s top priority has remained unchanged since 1994: customers first.