Gerwin SCHÜTTPELZ | cph


Dr. (RF) Gerwin U. Schüttpelz | CEO | cph Deutschland

Patronage of the 11th International Label Conference 2016

Patron of the topic: Better Entrepreneurship

“The honorable businessman”

  • Studied law with focus on international law in Bochum and Paris
  • Former Member of German national rowing team
  • Founder and CEO of cph Deutschland Chemie
  • Former National chairman and member of Executive Board of „ASU-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Selbstständiger Unternehmer“ (now: Die Familienunternehmer-asu)
  • Founder and shareholder of cph Altai JV, Russia
  • Founder and shareholder of JV Eurokol, Ukraine
  • Founder, shareholder and General Manager of cph Industries OOO, Russia
  • President of the cph group (Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Portugal)
  • Doctor of Laws at the Tula State University, Russia, and lawyer at the bar at Russian civil courts
  • cph group worldwide a leading company in labelling adhesives (Starch/Dextrin, Casein, Dispersion, Hydrogels or Hot Melts based)


The company cph Deutschland Chemicals GmbH is a privately owned and run mid sized chemical organisation, which has specialised in the manufacture and distribution of industrial adhesives and enzymes.

The main areas of competence revolve around the development, production and marketing of environmentally friendly labelling adhesives for the food and drinks industry, as well as a multitude of other adhesive products, for example for the packaging industry, woodworking and paper products as well as the tobacco industry.

As a world leader in adhesive technology the cph group places the best possible advice, leading edge know how combined with optimal products at its customers disposal.

The prime mission is, through effective performance, to guarantee customer satisfaction and achieve an appreciation of the qualitatively high performance of our company in all operational areas.