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When talking about the impacts of climate change, few risks are more visceral or tangible than those it poses to future food supply. From spikes in food prices to threats to the coffee industry, consumers are increasingly aware of the effects of rising global average temperatures.

For companies in the food, beverage and tobacco sectors, climate change presents a two-fold challenge: the industry is highly exposed to climate-related impacts, but is at the same time a major contributor to increasing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions levels – particularly from agricultural production, which according to the IPCC causes 10-14% of global GHG emissions.

The head of the business-retro style
To Have And To Hold

…, family firms will remain an important feature of global capitalism for the foreseeable future

FAMILIES HAVE ALWAYS been at the heart of business. Family companies are among the world’s oldest. The Hoshi Ryokan, an inn in Japan, has been in the same family since 718. Kongo Gumi, a Japanese family construction firm, was founded even earlier, in 578, but went bust in 2006. The Antinori family hasbeen producing wine in Tuscany since 1385 and the Berettas have been making guns since 1526.

Family companies played a starring role in the development of capitalism: think of the Barings or the Rothschilds in banking or the Fords and Benzes in car making. Family companies are ideally suited to the early stages of capitalism. They provided two of the most important ingredients of growth, trust and loyalty, in a world where banking and legal institutions were often rudimentary and poor communications made far-flung activities hard to control.


Dr. (RF) Gerwin U. Schüttpelz | CEO | cph Deutschland

Patronage of the 11th International Label Conference 2016

Patron of the topic: Better Entrepreneurship

“The honorable businessman”

  • Studied law with focus on international law in Bochum and Paris
  • Former Member of German national rowing team
  • Founder and CEO of cph Deutschland Chemie
  • Former National chairman and member of Executive Board of „ASU-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Selbstständiger Unternehmer“ (now: Die Familienunternehmer-asu)
  • Founder and shareholder of cph Altai JV, Russia
  • Founder and shareholder of JV Eurokol, Ukraine
  • Founder, shareholder and General Manager of cph Industries OOO, Russia
  • President of the cph group (Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Portugal)
  • Doctor of Laws at the Tula State University, Russia, and lawyer at the bar at Russian civil courts
  • cph group worldwide a leading company in labelling adhesives (Starch/Dextrin, Casein, Dispersion, Hydrogels or Hot Melts based)

Mehmet PIRILTI copy

MEHMET PIRILTI | Group Marketing Director | ANADOLU EFES

Speaker at 11th International Label Conference

Better Collaboration

Economics & Psychology (Double Major), Leadership (Minor); Claremont McKenna College MBA, Strategy (Minor); Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management

Strategic senior marketer with 10+ years of experience in highly competitive and various levels of restricted markets. Currently he is reflecting his experience gained by leading the no.1 FMCG brand in Turkey to international markets including Russia, CIS, East Europe, and MENA.

During his career Mehmet specialized in brand revitalization, touchpoint enhancement, and shelf impact. He has led many launch, re-launch, and NPD projects and now he is also providing consultance to different teams across the company specifically on packaging subject.


Refreshing around 660mn consumers in markets with low per capita consumption…

Anadolu Efes produces and markets beer, malt and non-alcoholic beverages in a wide geographical area comprising of Turkey, Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.