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Prof. Dr. Selçuk YILDIRIM | Head of Center of Food Technology and Process Engineering | ZHAW | Switzerland



Selçuk Yildirim, Prof. Dr. sc. ETH Zurich

Head of Food Technology and Packaging Group

Zurich University of Applied Sciences



Selcuk Yildirim is Professor and head of Center for Food Technology and Packaging at the Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation, Zürich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland. He received BSc. Degree in Food Engineering and MSc. Degree in Process Engineering. After he did his PhD he continued doing research as Post-Doc and Group Leader at ETH-Zurich. He worked several years at the Packaging Industry (European R&D Center of Alcan Packaging) before joining the ZHAW as Professor and researcher.

In close collaboration with the industry, his group aims to develop of innovative packaging technologies for optimal food quality and food safety. His main research fields are: development of active packaging technologies (oxygen scavengers, antimicrobial and antioxidant films), integration of packaging in food processing, and development of consumer friendly packaging.

Selcuk Yildirim is author of numerous book chapters, peer-reviewed publications and patents. He is currently management committee member of the European COST Actions: MP1206, “Electrospun Nano-fibres for bio inspired composite materials and innovative industrial applications” and FP1405, “Active and intelligent fibre-based packaging – innovation and market introduction (ActInPak)”. He is also in the steering committee and leads the Working Group “Innovation and Development” at the COST Action FP1405.

In 2015 Selcuk Yildirim founded the “Packaging Innovation Network Switzerland” and he has been / is the leading research partner of the network.


ZHAW | Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) is an applied university with more than 9000 students studying at the 24 bachelor degree and 11 master`s degree programs. The ZHAW maintains some 30 research institutes and centers, working together to carry out research and development projects with the national and international partners. Center of Food Technology and Process Engineering is located at the Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation at ZHAW.

Center focuses performs research in the area of food packaging and especially focuses on the development of new packaging materials and processes. The group is involved in several national and international research projects and programs in the food packaging area.