Europa-Saal2The 12Th International Label Conference will reflect the ongoing development of the EU Strategy and discussions on the Circular Economy Package, with a view to encouraging more ambitious extended producer responsibility (EPR) to bring about a more sustainable use of ressources, and in particular packaging materials.

The conference assesses and investigates how best it can be improved so we can increase the packaging recycling rates to meet the proposed targets in 2025 and 2030, and the possible impact on cost to producers.

The current discussion on the transformation to a circular economy has received considerable attention, especially at the European level, from the suspension of the previously eagerly awaited so-called “circular economy package” by the new EU Commission. The draft submitted was either criticized as too ambitious or too technocratic; but also the massively propagated concept of a closed economic system still reveals considerable conceptual weaknesses, it is said.


An additional €320 billion of circular economy investment opportunities is available to investors in the European Union (EU) until 2025 that can be unlocked through modest action by policy makers or industry. This investment would put the EU on the path to seize the economic, societal, and environmental benefits of the transition to a circular economy and mitigate the mounting risks that reside in conventional industrial assets in an era of rapid change.

But what will be the effects for the entire supply chain Consumer Packages Goods Industry?

Considerably higher and harder to achieve packaging recycling targets are proposed within the European Circular Economy (CE) Package, along with a potential move to ensure producers pay the full cost of packaging collection, sortation and recycling, after material revenues are subtracted.


Salzburg Congress

The 12th International Label Conference is dedicated to pragmatic methods and implementations of how we can achieve the 2025/2030 goals together. A discussion form allows participants an interactive exchange of views. Key figures of European industry and politics give current lectures on the framework conditions and implementation options.

During the Circular Economy and 2025 workshop in Salzburg, project partners and participants have the opportunity to interact and to discuss about the Best practices and how implement circular economy strategies & policies in your company.

Each participant will have the opportunity to get more details about the good practices and start working on the definition of their best choice.